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Judith Spancken

Professionelles Kletter Training & Coaching


Mein Name ist Judith Spancken. Ich bin ausgebildete Kletterlehrerin und Coach mit Sitz in Frankreich. Ich unterrichte auf Englisch, Deutsch und Französisch.

Mein Klettertraining  konzentriert sich auf den Prozess des Lernens und der Pflege eines tieferen Verständnisses unseres Körpers in Bewegung. Ich glaube an die Wichtigkeit von Bewegungsqualität, um effizient und verletzungsfrei zu klettern. Diese Philosophie steht im Mittelpunkt meines Klettertrainings.

Vielleicht ist dir das Klettern völlig neu und Du möchtest mal reinschnuppern ?  Oder Du hast schon ein wenig Erfahrung im Klettern und möchtest Dich weiterentwickeln? Vielleicht kletterst Du schon viele Jahre und suchst nach einem geschulten Auge um frischen Wind in Deine Kletterpraxis zu bringen ? Egal wo Du dich gerade auf Deiner Kletterreise befindest, ich freue mich auf eine Zusammenarbeit mit Dir.

“I spent two days with Judith as my private rock climbing guide in the South of France. Her passion for the sport is inspiring! Not only is she a phenomenal athlete and climber, but she is incredible as a teacher and guide also. She was patient and encouraging, and was easily able to identify my strengths and weaknesses. The knowledge and skill that I gained after only two days with her was astounding! I learned so much about finesse, quality of movement, energy efficiency, and confidence. Even months after, when I’m climbing, I still hear her pointers and advice in my head. Thank you Judith for making me a much safer, efficient, and motivated climber! It was a privilege to learn from you!”  Robin M.

"I worked with Jude to help me unlock my negativity whilst on-sighting/red pointing.  It might have been just for one day but the words she said to me before each route, set an intention for calmness, curiosity and fluid execution of movement. Her words still stay in my mind, months later and have helped me tremendously! I’d thoroughly recommend anyone of any ability see Jude for coaching.
The feed back I received was also extensive, considered and beneficial for my future progression as a climber" Amanda L.

Judith's insight and coaching was truly exceptional. Her teachings address climbing holistically, not just focusing on strength or fear, but investigating and exploring technical, tactical, mental and physical aspects that provide a well rounded plan for success.  I have worked with many climbing coaches over the years and Judith is the absolute best I have ever worked with.  If you have climbing goals at any level, are feeling stuck in your progress, or want to experience climbing at your best and with love for the sport, Judith is absolutely the right fit for you."   

(Anyssa, Nov 2021)

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